"Threading the Rude Eye"

by Stanley Wheeler

A reluctant young man and a French girl are caught up in the boiling cauldron of revolution amid strange powers and rumors of dragons.
An intense flintlock fantasy adventure.
# Action
# Adventure
# Dragons
# Fantasy
# War
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Alex planned to marry his sweet heart and go to England to pursue his career. Those colonists and their complaints were no concern of his--until the malevolent commander landed on his island in pursuit of a map to a cache of immense power. With his hopes and dreams utterly destroyed, Alex joins Colonel Knight, and the smugglers to escape the dark commander and sail for the mainland. Lucette, fleeing the devastation wrought by the ambitious commander in France, carries the map to Cartier's cache. When her ship is taken by the commander, she entrusts the map to a pair of misfits, before she finds temporary refuge among a team of dragon hunters. Alex, Lucette, Knight, the smugglers, and the dragon hunters must thread the rude eye of rebellion in Boston if they want to preserve hope for the cause of liberty. Can they escape the clutches of the commander and his mysterious power?